Burnham Health Promotion Trust owes its existence entirely to the generosity of a local couple, Louis and Valerie Freedman.  In 1997 they gave a gift of £1 million to benefit the community of Burnham, in gratitude for the medical care that Louis had received.  In conjunction with their GP, Dr Nigel Lewis, from Burnham Health Centre, they developed the concept and structure for a charitable trust, Burnham Health Promotion Trust, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing in the community of Burnham.  The money was invested and the interest on the investment continues to fund much of BHPT's work today.

In addition, BHPT has received very generous additional support from a larger charity, the Louis and Valerie Freedman Charitable Settlement, enabling us to achieve far more for the benefit of the local community.

The first task for the newly formed trust was to identify local need.  A Community Profile Report was commissioned which highlighted particular areas of needs and made some specific recommendations for action.  The trust started working actively in Burnham in 1999 and since then has initiated a wide variety of projects and activities for the benefit of the local community.  You can see more about the research projects we have conducted in the community on the 'our research, page.


Over the last 20 years Burnham Health Promotion Trust has paid for, or secured funding for, a huge range of activities, equipment and facilities in the village.  These include children’s play equipment in local parks and playgrounds, the outdoor gym in Burnham Park and a wide variety of equipment in ALL the local schools.




We provide funding for local equipment and services



We run a number of local healthy activities.



We help to communicate local healthy initiatives.



We provide support for local people and groups.

In addition, BHPT provides financial support to many organisations.  These have included the Youth Centre, the Children’s Centre, Burnham Lighthouse, Home Start, the Well @ Lent Rise, Friends of Burnham Library and Thames Valley Adventure Playground.  BHPT also helped fund the renovation of the public toilets in Jennery Lane, Burnham, a much needed High Street facility.


BHPT work in partnership with many providers.  You can see more information on who we work with and what we do with them on our PARTNERS page, but to give you an idea, we fund Citizens Advice Bureau sessions, a Happy Feet toe nail cutting service here at the Health Centre and we also provide a free community room for various counselling services, housing advice drop in sessions, sexual health drop in clinics and much more.

Last but by no means least, BHPT organises one off events such as Wellbeing Days and Fun Days and provides or actively supports a wide and growing range of weekly activities and services.


We are excited to be running our successful Inter-generational Project for another year! Since, 2002 we have been running this project with the children of St Peter’s School and the residents of Perry House. Getting them together to combine the generations and working through our popular themed session plan, focusing on educating the children and elderly alike, forming friendships, bonding and celebrating together. This is a fabulous example of the community at its best.  See the OUR PROJECTS page for more information.

Please see our timetable for a list of exactly what is currently running. We are excited and proud to support & run so many projects and initiatives. Watch this space for more in the future.