Life changing & Lock-down!

April 23rd was the start of it all. We went in to get all the bits we needed to effectively work from home and the Health Centre front line staff staff were wearing masks! I think was the moment it really hit home for me that this was going to be something big. It wasn't clear just how big around the world it was going to be, we had been business as normal. We closed the office up and it was a bit surreal, seeing the surgery so empty, exiting via the back door.

I popped to Sainsburys before I went to do the school pick up, as I know there's nothing worse than dragging an 'after school kid' who's tired and hungry around a supermarket. Well, what a sight greeted me! I just couldn't believe it.
This shall be my forever memory of the panic buying : Nobody likes sprouts!

Working from home!

So I set up my 'home office', decided against working in PJ's (mainly because I still had school run to do) and I have since learned that home working is not productive when you aren't dressed and surrounded by the things you need.

Working away from the office and the Health Centre makes me feel very detached from the community.  Even though I am a short drive away and at the end of an email/phone call, I am missing the interaction and drop-in nature of the BHPT office.  We usually get people dropping in with an enquiry, coming to bring a form in or coming to just say hi when they have a Dr's appointment.