Mummy School!

So this past week with the schools closed has been interesting! My kids really need some kind of routine, I do too. As much as they love a holiday (who doesn't?), if they stay up later and do nothing the days just merge in to one and I for one feel so lethargic and bored.  Now when I say routine, I don't mean a regimented schedule, but some activities in the day that can be fun and learning. I had a think about what subjects they normally learn and what we like to do at home anyway, had a look at all of the thinks popping up on my social media and thought I'd make some lists to share.

The first and most useful one I discovered was this gem of a website - Twinkl!

You can sign up for their online resources and I've found you an offer code that you can enter for a free subscription to the premium service for a month its CVDTWINKLHELPS. Make sure you register in the right place when you create an account, as they have a space to enter an offer code. See my picture (click to enlarge it). You should see this if you follow my link here


I found all sorts of cool activities and they are categorised in to ages and subjects. I downloaded things I thought I could use with all three of mine, like the book review page. It's a basic template but it's what they make of it. They all read their own level books but the questions will be answered in the detail at their own levels. Again, the same with the newspaper article page. We had some pretty funny articles, about a Pikachu on the loose and some hungry pizza eating cats! See some examples of what you can find in the pictures to the left and below

Fun things to do that are also learning...

We got the usual online portal work from the kids schools/college, but if you didn't get anything/very little, or struggle to get the kids interested in school work, or even if they whizz through it, I was thinking of what else to do but things that were fun. My list comprises of the following so far:

  • Live zoo cams
  • Museum virtual tours
  • PE sessions on YouTube - Aerobics with Joe Wicks
  • Cooking - Learning recipes, decorating food
  • Lego challenges
  • Painting - Water colouring, potato stamping, finger painting
  • Colouring
  • Music
  • Word puzzles - Boggle, Hangman
  • Board games - Scrabble, Monopoly
  • Number puzzles - Sudoku
  • Quizzes
  • Letter writing
  • Comic making
  • Gardening - Planting, maintenance, games
  • Jigsaws
  • Blue Planet videos
  • Twinkl templates - See above and below for more on these

I will post more on the things we try as we do them, but I figured these can be sneakily worked in to their time at home as fun and not school and some of them, depending on ages, might even be activities that will take a bit of time if you need to get on with other things (work, housework, a well earned break!).

Have fun!