Grants and Application Process


Burnham Health Promotion Trust makes a number of grants each year. These include one off payments for short term projects or single items of expenditure and ongoing grants in support of continuing services and activities.

All applications must be able to demonstrate that they are concerned with preserving, improving or promoting the health of people in the Burnham community. Have a look at our Recent Grants Awarded Page to see examples of the organisations and activities that the Trust has helped.

How to apply to the Trust for help

If you think your Project meets our criteria and you would like to make an application please read the next section; “Grant application process”. If you would like to speak to the Trust Manager before making an application please telephone: 01628 661441 or send an email using our Contact Us form .

Applications are considered at the Trustees’ quarterly meetings in March, June, September and December. In exceptional circumstances the Trustees will consider applications at other times.

Grant application process

All applications should be typewritten and submitted on the BHPT Application form . You can either post your completed form back to us or send it as an email attachment (see form for details). An online form is also available if you wish to apply using this method.

In order to be considered for the Trustees’ next quarterly meeting, applications should be received by the last day of the preceding month. After we receive your application we will tell you the date that it is to be considered by the Trustees and we will let you know if further information is required.  For example the Trustees may ask to see your most recent accounts or you may be asked to attend the meeting to discuss your application.

After the meeting you will be advised as soon as possible of the Trustees’ decision. If your application has been successful, arrangements for payment will be made and you will be informed of any requirements for feedback reports on the impact of the grant.

Never filled in a form like this before?

Don’t panic! Follow the guidance below to ensure that you get your idea across.

Project Proposal

Use this space to describe what your project or proposal is and/or the acquisition cost  associated with any equipment or services you need and any running costs (monthly/ annual repeating costs) which are required to keep the equipment serviceable.

Who will benefit

Use this space to describe as many groups as possible that would benefit from the proposal/ service. Think in terms of which age groups or if there is a specific membership requirement for say a club, how many people would be involved in it?

Where will the project take place

Use this space to describe the location of the activity; this may be a building or an open area on public or private ground. For example; using public footpaths or a local park if it was for a running/ walking activity.

If the project is time limited how long will it last?

Use this space to describe whether this is a one off event or a  repeating event. If it is a time limited repeating event state how many times the equipment/ service would be used. For example, a recurring activity that lasts for the School summer term would be for 12 weeks.

What is the total amount you are requesting?

Use this space to state how much funding you are requesting from Burnham Health Promotion Trust. The next section provides space to describe the costs associated with the whole project.

If this is not the total cost of the project how else will it be funded?

Use this space to state the total cost of the funding and any other funding sources that are helping you to run this project particularly if the cost is to be shared across several funding sources. If you are providing the balance of the funding, for example through the subscriptions within a club, please state it here.

How will your project promote health in the Burnham community?

There needs to be a very clear link between your activity or project and physical, social or mental health within the Burnham Community. For example, young people providing entertainment at a nursing or care home would promote mental wellbeing of older people and positive inter-generational attitudes in young people.

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