About Us

Burnham Health Promotion Trust owes its existence entirely to the generosity of a local couple, Louis and Valerie Freedman. In conjunction with their GP Dr Nigel Lewis from Burnham Health Centre, they developed the concept of setting up a charity that would focus on the promotion of health in the local community. The Trust was set up in 1997 with an initial gift from the Freedmans of one million pounds. This gift was invested and has been carefully managed to generate an income in perpetuity.

Image of Burnham in the SpringProjects and Activities for the Community

As a result the Trust has since 1999 initiated a wide variety of projects and activities for the benefit of the local community. It has undertaken local research surveys and has also taken on a campaigning role where required. The Trust also has an important role as a facilitator, supporting the work of many other local organisations, both through partnership working and where appropriate through financial support.

One of our greatest strengths is our knowledge of the community and our links with numerous local organisations and individuals. By putting people and groups in touch with each other we often act as a catalyst enabling the development of new projects and partnerships. If you have an idea for a project which you would like to discuss,  please contact us.

The Trust has its office base within Burnham Health Centre but undertakes many of its activities in the local community. The Trust is managed by a board of Trustees.

Who’s who in the Trust

The Trust currently employs three part time members of staff:

Shirley Shaw, Trust Manager
Lisa Pope, Community Project Worker (Young People’s Projects)
Marisa di Bartolomeo, Community Project Worker (Older People’s Projects)

In addition Prabha Lacey undertakes additional project work on behalf of the Trust and Richard Shircore acts as professional adviser to the Trust.

The Trust currently has four Trustees:-

Dr Bev Daily MBE
Dr Simon Daily
Mrs Dawn Harries
Mr Ian Nixey

 Charitable and Company Status

Burnham Health Promotion Trust is a Registered Charity (Registered Charity Number: 1066070) and a Registered Company (Company Number: 3435602 – Registered in England and Wales).

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