What is the Intergenerational Project

The Intergeneration Project is a series of workbooks which aim to facilitate intergenerational discussions between younger and older members of the community. We have found that the intergenerational project helps to bring young and old people together in a structured way to facilitate learning and reduce loneliness.

There are many modules available and each can be purchased individually direct from this website. All funds from this project are put back into other community projects so by downloading these modules you will not only be helping your own cause but also providing valuable support to other groups in and around Burnham.

Each module provides all the resources you need to be able to carry out a complete session with order and younger people on a range of activities, all of which are designed to stimulate the interest of older people and help younger people to enjoy the interaction whilst learning along the way.

Autumn Module Example


What’s In The Module

The example on the left shows the first page of our Autumn Module, the full  module is Eleven pages long and includes the following resources.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Autumn Facts
  3. Introducing Acrostic Poem
  4. Autumn Quiz
  5. Developing Acrostic Poem
  6. Autumn Quiz Answers
  7. Acrostic Poems Workshop Part 2
  8. Acrostic Poem Presentation
  9. Session Closure notes

The full toolkit includes a wide range of modules covering each of the seasons and other interesting topics.

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We are very happy for you to use the material in this Took Kit exactly as it is or to modify it as required for your group. We do however ask that you always acknowledge its source as follows:

 “Bringing Older People and Children Together” Resources (2019)
With thanks to Burnham Health Promotion Trust
Reg. Charity No.1066070 & Reg. Company No.3435602

You may not redistribute, sell or place any part of this Tool Kit on any other website or blog without written permission
from Burnham Health Promotion Trust www.bhpt.org.uk  Email info@bhpt.org.uk