Welcome to the new BHPT Mental Wellbeing Blog!

So our manager Dawn talked about a mental health blog a while ago, but we have been so busy in the office with other things.

Now we are working from home , it seems a better opportunity to do so, especially with what is going on in the world right now.

What this blog will be for is a mixture of things; useful links, websites, contacts, ideas & tips, occasional news articles, things that are trending...Hopefully drawing on all of our experiences, might be our opinions but we will try to make it as unbiased and correct as we possibly can.

So you might not already know much about us (BHPT - Burnham Health Promotion Trust), we are a small charity based in Burnham Health Centre in Burnham, Bucks and we have been going for 22 years! But barely anybody I talk to knows about us - we are hoping to change that in 2020.  We do lots to help in the community and really recommend checking the rest of our website out while you are here, to see how we were formed and the kinds of things we do, have on offer and have been involved with in the past.

Are there any topics or things you would like to know more about? Let us know