January Update

The Shedders kicked of 2020 with a Fish & Chip lunch to celebrate their 6 months opening and a belated Christmas! The shed is really starting to take shape now.  Benches have been constructed and its looking more fit for purpose.  There is even some custom storage! The group have been busy sorting, collecting and even installing some better lighting for these darker months.

We are always on the look out for any donations you may have.

As we are looking forward to spring, we at the shed are starting to think about are garden area too.  Do you like to work in a garden? Or interested in learning? Just not have any space at your home? Well look no further because we have a garden space next to the shed! We also have some basic equipment.  The shed isn’t just about making things, its also about growing.

Men’s Sheds meets fortnightly art Burnham Bowls Club, Stomp Road. Call the office to confirm what week we are on – 01628 661441.  There is a small quarterly membership fee and it’s £3.00 a session. For any other information, please do call and speak to Marisa or leave a message.