The Community Profile Report – The First Research Project for BHPT


The first task for the newly set up Trust was to commission a survey of local needs.  The Community Profile Report, published in 1999, identified 9 main areas to be addressed in Burnham.

As you can see from the diagram on the right, the key areas identified are still very relevant today.

The 1999 Community Profile Report also made specific recommendations for action:

  • To address the needs for older people
  • To focus on facilities for older people
  • To increase opportunities for all to improve levels of physical activity


What have we done?

  • Research
  • Identified specific needs
  • Identified possible ways to meet those needs, either on our own or in partnership with others
  • Initiated, developed and sustained resources, projects and activities to meet identified needs
  • supported the work of other organisations working for the benefit of the local community


The research we have conducted in Burnham includes:

  • Recreational facilities survey – 2002
  • Research in to the condition of parks & playgrounds – 2005
  • Sex education survey – 2005
  • Youth health survey – 2007
  • Students’ use of screen based devices survey – 2016

Our surveys, what we found & what happened!

Recreational Facilities Survey – 2002   In July 2002 the Trust carried out a questionnaire survey of the recreational facilities of Burnham.  Nearly 400 children aged 8 – 15 took part.  The survey provided very useful information to the trust, schools, local authorities and the police on children’s perceptions of ‘safe’ areas in Burnham and which recreational areas are most valued.    The findings also helped inform subsequent funding decisions on park refurbishment.  As a direct result of the surveys findings, the Parish Council, with the financial support of South Bucks District Council and the Trust, commissioned the installation, in 2003, of a multi activity all weather games area and teen shelter in Burnham Park.

Research into condition of local play areas – 2005   In 2005 the Trust carried out considerable research on the condition and suitability of local play areas.  In partnership with the Parish Council its findings were presented to the trustees of the Louis and Valerie Freedman Charitable Settlement, and a large grant was subsequently made available to completely refurbish and modernise the play equipment in St Peter’s Close Recreational Ground.  Some funding was also secured towards the refurbishment of the Stomping Ground which the 2002 Recreational Facilities Survey had identified as a very popular play area.

Sex Education Survey – 2005   A total of 900 students age 12 – 15 years at the two local secondary schools completed a questionnaire survey about their attitudes to, and requirements from, sex education lessons.  As a result of this survey both schools made changes to the way in which the subject was taught.

Youth Health Survey – 2007   Nearly 1200 students at Burnham Grammar and Burnham Upper Schools completed a health/lifestyle survey – both schools valued the information it provided and the issues it highlighted, in particular relating to youth alcohol consumption

Survey of Students’ Use of Screen Based Devices – 2016   Our most recent survey in Spring 2016 examined the use of screen based devices by 1000 local students, with particular reference to positive and negative effects on mental health and wellbeing.