Educational Entertainment

In this post we will explore various things on offer from across the arts. From theatres and audio stories to the record industry!  Technology has had a massive impact on how things are being distributed and how we are all able to access things we wouldn't normally see.  Not to mention in these hard and unusual times people are coming together to share and offer things that certainly wouldn't have been on offer a few months back. Enjoy! As always, if you would like to add anything to my list here please do email me on

Read-along Mondays with Michelle Obama

Perfect for younger children, Mondays with Michelle Obama, has her reading some fabulous children's stories, for example, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. To view or watch these events (and past ones) click on the PBS KIDS social media pages: YouTube and Facebook.

CBeebies Bedtime Hour

CBeebies bedtime is a hugely popular segment on the BBC channel with some of the biggest celebrities joining in to read some well known and some less known stories to calm and encourage children with the routine of bedtime. There are masses of stories to chose from, all available to view online now.

These were always a massive hit in our house. Sir Sam Mendes, Dr Who herself Jodie Whittaker, Tom Hardy and Robbie Williams to make but a few.

Click here to have a look for yourself!

Also, I found this rather relaxing Disney Piano music here on YouTube that might help with soothing and relaxing you or children too. It really is beautiful.

The Shows Must Go On – Theatre

With Broadway and performing arts venues across the country shut by the pandemic, live theatre is in short supply. But theatre lovers still have reason to rejoice: iconic British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is making select musicals from his extensive back catalogue available to watch on YouTube each Friday for the next few weeks.

Lloyd Webber announced the initiative The Shows Must Go On! last week. Each feature-length show will be streamed on YouTube and remain accessible free of charge for 48 hours.

To view the youtube channel click here. What an exciting opportunity!

Audio & online Books

Stories are a world we can escape in to, be it by reading or listening, by closing our eyes and imagining, whilst listening and relaxing.  Whatever way we chose to listen to classic tales is just magical.  There are stories out there to suit all ages.

Oxford own have a great selection of home based learning books, dedicated to aid home schooling, categorised by age and ability. Click here to go to their website. have an immense library of stories available to keep young and older minds occupied.

Click here for a selection of classics from Audible that you can listen to instantly

Click here for a selection of 103 stories from Audible suitable for primary children

Click here for a selection of stories and songs From Audible suitable for the littlest listeners

Museum Virtual Tours

British Museum, London, featuring an amazing Egyptian exhibition, to view click here

The Guggenheim, New York, featuring art by Kandinsky and Pollock, to view click here

Smithsonian National Museum of National History featuring dinosaurs and geology, gems & minerals, to view click here

The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, featuring his iconic work with Google Arts & Culture, to view click here

The Vatican Museum, Italy, features virtual tours on its website, click here to view them

The National Museum of the United States Airforce, a virtual tour, click here to view

Not quite museums but...

Stonehenge,UK, you can take a virtual look around the famous site here

Buckingham Palace, London, you can take a look inside this beautiful building here

Zoos & Aquariums

Much like museums, zoos and aquariums are following suit and offering us a glimpse in to their closed buildings.

Many have installed live cameras so we can see what the animals are up to.  This is especially great for the current times as we can't leave home, it feels like a little bit of escapism! I got really over excited whilst researching all these!

The Georgia Aquarium has the most amazing webcams set up all around and you can see the following: sea lion, beluga whale, barrier reef fish, penguins, piranhas, puffin, otter, gator crossing and mesmerising jellyfish! I really loved checking this one out, so did the kids. To view them click here

Houston Zoo has 7 different webcams to chose from, my personal favourite is the flamingo cam 🙂 but there are also giraffes, elephants, monkeys and more! To view them click here

San Diego Zoo offers a wide range of cams, including ape, giraffe, penguin, koala, condor, tiger and polar bear! To view them click here

Monterey Bay Aquarium, this one is really exciting! There is a shark cam! There is also a moon jellyfish cam, a coral reef one and an open sea one, it is like something straight out of Finding Nemo. There's lots more, check them out, click here