Kids worries…

The children had been asking lots of questions that week.  I think because there were so many of them talking about it in class, and so many rumours.  I’m glad they did, because then we could help them know the truths and what not to do etc. It was interesting to see the differences between what each age group asked and seemed to be most bothered about.

  • My 8 year old daughter, Sophie, was worried for the whole world, her family, our house, what will happen to her birthday, the Queen, you name it. Everyone. Soooo many questions (mainly at bedtime of course).
  • Charlie, my 13 year old son, was mostly worried about people giving him germs, who was pretending to get out of lessons and how much time off school he would get.
  • Joshua, our 16 year old, he is at college studying mechanics and he was worried about travelling on the trains and the germ level, if his tutor would upload any work for him and if during his part time job he would catch any germs in peoples houses (he is a carpet fitter’s assistant).  He also has epilepsy, so was worried about if it will impact that.

Of course I shared all of these worries (perhaps not so much the Queen and who was getting out of lessons) and more but then you realise as a parent or someone who is responsible for someone, be it a neighbour, carer, friend, relative etc just how much there is to plan or think of.  Cue mind going in to overload now. Right, I better get prescriptions in, better get supplies from somewhere else if the supermarkets are going to be an issue, what will I need to have in event of a lockdown? Bla bla bla.

I tried to answer some of these questions as best as I could. Luckily, with the schools and workplaces closing, I guess the answers & decisions were taken out of my hands.  There are a couple of websites here and here that give some suggestions on how to answer and talk to children about things surrounding the Corona virus outbreak and reassuring them.  I also found this document, it’s really detailed with lots of links and includes a section for children and young people with specific extra needs.

I hope these links help