School’s Out & Mothers Day

Last day at school – Totes emosh as the teens say!

Come Friday the kids emotions were running even higher. It was the last day at school, the last time of being together with their friends for a while and being in a routing they know. We had unexpected tears from Charlie and Sophie was sad that she was leaving her favourite teacher behind. Added to not seeing my mum and grandad, like we do every week on a Friday, we were all feeling it that day.  It was really strange, but was good to be together 🙁 We decided to have a Disney film night instead, my all time favourite, and we always sing!

Mothering Sunday…

Well this is was the weirdest Mother's Day ever. People all around the world urged to stay at home and not see the family outside of their house. I had to post my own mums card and present through her post box & not see her and the same for my husband & his mum & step-mum.
My youngest made me a card with this cute note inside. Really made me smile. I got a lovely plant from the boys that we will plant in the garden soon. It is indeed better when we are together!

*Edited to add - Said plant is now dead 🙁 - I cannot be trusted with living things