Volunteering – Can You Help?

Have you got any special skills that could help us?  Are you a good listener?  Have you got a few extra hours in the day you could volunteer for us?  You would be amazed at how you could help BHPT.  From helping with cooking and going into local schools, to sitting with them at their house for a chat so they have someone to see during the week, everyone has something that is useful to others.  

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community but also a great way to fill some spare time and work on your CV.  It suits such a broad range of people, those looking to get back in to work after a long break, those who are retired and looking for some smaller hours to fill their day and even students! 

Then there could be a specialist skill you have! Be it a craft talent you would like to share or teach, a musical instrument you’d like to play for our service users at a celebration.

If you are interested in volunteering please email Lisa, the Executive Assistant to the Chief Officer, on lisa@bhpt.org.uk


Volunteering Thank You!

This is a special mention to someone who has given her time to help the Trust recently.

Now that it is compulsory to wear a face covering to the surgery, there have been some people arriving without one, either because they forgot to bring theirs or hadn't realised it was now required.  BHPT thought it would be a good idea to supply some washable & reusable ones and Dr Jamil was very keen on the idea!

Mo Pope has been a keen crafter and stepped up to help make over 100 washable masks, individually packaged, to be used in the surgery and in our Care & Share project!

Thank you to Mo Pope for all the hard work you have put in to help keep us all safe.  We all really appreciate it.

(These masks are available free of charge at the surgery reception but there is a donation box if you would like to contribute. All proceeds will go towards making more masks.)

Other ways you can help

There are many different ways someone can help Burnham Health Promotion Trust, not just by regular volunteering.

We might be on the look out for specific items we are searching for, for our service users or the local community, for example food & household items for the local food banks or sanitary products for the Period Poverty Project. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see if you can help!

You might like to click on our DONATE NOW button on the home page to make a donation, or even leave us a legacy or gift in your will!

You might like to help out at one off events with things such as publicity or setting up. Every way in which people can help us is greatly appreciated by both us and the local community.

You might have items that are no longer needed and you would like them to go to a good home, such as mobility aids, history books, children's toys etc. If we cant find an immediate use for them we will certainly be able to point you in the direction of someone who can!

The newest way you can help (we are quite excited to have set this one up!) is by text donate! Yes that's right, you can now text BURNHAM & an amount to 70085, so for example BURNHAM 5 will send £5 to us to help with the charity work we carry out in the local community. You can donate any amount, from £1. Don't think a very small donation won't help make a difference somehow, because it does, anything that anyone can spare helps in some way.