Worried about going back to school?


In this post we are looking at going back to school after being off for an extended time.

If you have read any of my blogs before, you will know I have children of different ages and they had been dealing with lockdown in different ways. Yesterday was the turn of my 9 year old daughter to go back to school. She is in year 5 in primary school. Her school have been amazing with their handling of the restrictions and procedures, so she had felt very safe. This contributed to her really missing her her friends and teacher while we were off schooling from home. She was absolutely GUTTED to hear that she wasn't going back after Christmas and there have been lots of tears and sadness since. She understood, to a degree, from what we have told her and the limited things she has heard on the news. We have also lost a couple of people we know to Covid, so she knows just how dangerous it can be, she just missed the interaction dreadfully (and me and her dad are not the best at fractions!).

Anyway, even though she was super excited to go back, a few days before, we started the routine to get prepared for the big day. Early in to bed, early bath, get uniform ready etc. We talked about the things they had to do at school to remind her what to do when she returned. We had had new reminders from the school about mask wearing on the way in and out of the grounds, so went over that.

Of course there are so may different ways children deal with feelings around going back to school. Some are anxious, some are sad to leave the security of home & their parents and some are happy to leave because home isn't so great for them. What works for one child also might not work for another, even those from the same family and even the older children will have worries about going back, especially those who would have been taking important exams or in their transition years.

I have found some useful websites and tips to try and make things easier for everyone. I hope it helps.

The Mental Health Foundation are a go-to for advice. Click here to go to their page on back to school tips.

Priory Group has a page dedicated to different age groups. Click here to view it. They also have answers to popular questions and a video.

Child Mind Institute talks about when children say they don't feel well, school avoidance and returning to school. Click here to view their page.

Nip In The Bud I like because it talks about limiting news, addressing misinformation, worry boxes and rewards. It has a different feel than the other pages. Click here to have a look.

Top Tips

  • Talk - Share worries
  • A good sleep routine
  • Find coping strategies
  • Make yourself available
  • Look at the positives
  • Try not to project your own fears