Burnham Resilience Group

We are proud to be part of the Burnham Resilience Group.

With over 13,000 homes in Burnham, we have many residents that require different levels of support. The Burnham Resilience team aims to bring direct support to vulnerable residents across Burnham by providing assistance with essential shopping and picking up prescriptions etc, more details can be found on the Burnham Resilience Group website here.

The Resilience Group was launched on 15th March 2020, 8 days before lock down started, with an appeal to support the welfare of the Burnham community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The group was set up by Chairman Adam Prince, with Paula Prince, Annie Arscott, Revd Janet Minkkinen, Andrew and Wendy Strathdee, BHPT's Dawn Harries and Charly Cottenham as trustees. The team has contacts across many of the local community groups, including; St Peter’s Church, Burnham Health Promotion Trust, Burnham Neighbourhood Watch, Burnham Community Association, Burnham Parish Council, and the Street Association.

Within the first week of launching, over 100 wonderful residents in Burnham signed up on the website to become volunteers. This number didn’t stop growing, with over 350 volunteers now donating their valuable time to help our cause.

To request support or become a volunteer

There are several things you can do on the Resilience Group website, including request support for yourself or somebody else in the Parish, find out more about volunteering & the Buddy Up scheme and also find your local support group if you aren't from Burnham. Click here to visit the information pages.


So far projects have included:

  • Activity packs to help combat boredom for children stuck at home during lock down. The pack has been designed to be fun as well as educational. They were delivered to local schools for distribution.
  • Care packages to adult residents in our community. These included toiletries, biscuits, word searches & crosswords, pens & pencils & magazines. There are still a couple of these packs left, please email burnhamresilience@gmail.com if you or someone you know would like one of these packs.
  • 'Just say Hi'. The aim of this project is to encourage residents of Burnham to get in contact with their neighbours and other people in their street to help anyone who may be struggling during Covid-19. A simple note through your neighbours door to introduce yourself along with your phone number could make such a big difference, and even save someone’s life. Your number could be a lifeline to someone vulnerable. Click the picture to enlarge/save it and if you need a clearer copy please do get in touch.
  • Cake deliveries! The Resilience group have baked and delivered cakes for teachers and staff working at schools in Burnham to show our support of their hard work. All cakes were baked and delivered by our wonderful volunteers. Currently we have completed two of these cake drop offs along with dropping off lots of edible goodies to the local pharmacies! We have delivered to: Burnham Grammar, Priory School, Lent Rise School, Burnham Health Centre and Lloyds Pharmacy.
  • The Labrynth Project. With the journey the whole world is now taking in regards to Covid-19, we would like to build a Labyrinth, created by the residents in Burnham, to stand as a memory for years to come and to remind future generations of what Burnham and the rest of the World went through. To do this, we want each resident in Burnham to paint a stone, ideally 10cm or bigger. If you wish to participate, you can paint a stone in any way your heart desires. It could be painted your favourite colour, or painted with the name of a loved one you may have lost, perhaps painted to celebrate someone you saw as your hero during this tough time, such as the NHS, a carer or a friend/family member, it is completely up to you. Once the lock down is over, we will provide more information on where you can drop the stones off so they can have a protective coating applied before they are added to the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a multi faith project where people of all ages can go to sit, mourn and reflect at anytime, as it will be open access. The labyrinth will also be a place for children to walk through and learn about how the residents of Burnham got through their journey together. For more information on this please visit the website by clicking on the link here.


We have been featured in #ProudofBucks !

This is a news blog celebrating all things positive in Bucks right now. Click here to view it and have a read. It's really heartwarming to see whats going on amongst all of the negativity in the world right now.